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Crudités tasting

Oysters, prawn, red shrimp, sea ​​urchin,pink salmon tartare, Norway lobster in Mazara and tuna sashimi blue fin, local fish

30.00 €

Russian Beluga Caviar

90.00 €

Russian Asetra Caviar

40.00 €

Russian Kaluga Amur Caviar

40.00 €

Russian Baikal Caviar

20.00 €

Oysters Perle Noire

5.00 €/ cad

Oysters Cancale

5.00 €/ cad

Scabbard fish tartare

20.00 €

Gelée oysters in Champagne with pink pepper

30.00 €

Plateau Crudité

Oysters, shrimp, prawns, shrimp, nostrale fish carpaccio

60.00 €

Plateau Royal

200.00 €

Scabbardfish Tartare

Dietetic, digestible and healthy

20.00 €


You can request custom Plateau according to your taste requirements.

Giant Nephrops of Tirreno Sea

14.00 € / hg

Mazara del Vallo Nephrops

9.00 € / hg

Mazara del Vallo Prawns

9.00 € / hg

Mazara del Vallo Red Shrimp

9.00 € / hg


Monkfish Rollée and Local Shrimp Cooked at Low Temperature With Their Broth and Cabbage Salad

12.00 €

Selection of Italian and Swiss Cheese with Honey and Mustard

18.00 €

Salt Cod Creamed in Cannolo on Cinnamon Pumpkin Cream with Chopped Pistachio

13.00 €

Squid Upside Down with Artichokes and Broccoli Mousse

15.00 €

Seafood Soup, Arborea Mussels and Clams

16.00 €

First course

Risotto With Seafood And Our Potato Cream With Lemon And Thyme


Dumpling With Shrimp, Burrata And Pistachios


Chitarre with Fresh Norwegian Salmon, Russian Caviar And Sour Cream


Our Version of ``Scoglio``


Spaghetti Home Made with Clams and Leek Cream with Anchovy Sauce


Spaghetti with red prawns from Mazara Del Vallo and pistachio from Bronte


Second course

steak beef with roast potatoes

20.00 €

Leghorn Cacciucco without fishbones

28.00 €

Local Fish ``Alla Tegola``

Local fish, exposed tray (specialty restaurant)

7.50€ / hg

Tuna Steak with sesame and poppy seeds


Catalan Lobster with fruit and vegetables

8.00 €/hg

Catalana Lobster or Batti-Batti with fruit and vegetables

14.00 €/hg

Cuttlefish With Sweet And Sour Celeriac Veronese

20.00 € / hg

giant shrimps from the Tuscan archipelago in Catalan with fruit and vegetables

19.00 € / hg

Fish Fillet of the Day Cooked at Low Temperature on Squid Ink Purée and Basil Caviar



Tegolo's specialty dessert

Our pastry