Restaurant in Leghorn

fresh fish crudités

the restaurant is every days open from 11:30 to 15:00 and from 18:30 to 24:00


“Il Tegolo” restaurant offers express cooking ONLY, allowing our chef to freshly cook dishes only when receiving an order, nothing is pre-cooked. This way we have control on ingredients to adjust them for any kind of need like allergies to intollerances. It may takes a little bit more patient to wait for your dish but once ready, you will be absolutley paid back.
(Our chef uses only 100% Pure Italian Extra Vergin Olive Oil by Bolgheri – LI – )
Il Tegolo ristorante livorno cucina espressa
tegolo locale ristorante interno

The locals

Set in an XVIII century estate, once used as stable, it now replicates its old fashioned charm with exposed bricks and a warming fireplace, gladdening every guest during cold winters and offering a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere.
We are always open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Don’t worry about running late, we have very flexible schedule, allowing you to enjoy our lunch at 15.30 or a late night dinner, if you need.
Il Tegolo ristorante livorno pesce tegola specialità


Restaurant name “Il Tegolo” ( The tile) derives from a special fish dish called “Fish at Tile”. Fish is basically cooking on a tile in order to enhance every flavour.
Be ready to be surprised by our chef creativity! He will prepare daily dishes, not on the menu, based on fresh fish.
You will be always find Cruditè and fresh raw fish and a special oyster menu including Fine de Camertec, oyster Bélon du Bélon (original Riec sur Belon) oysters concave Gillardeau oyster Perle Noire oysters Fine de Binic Wild, served “a la parsienne” with applecider vinegar, raspeberry, shallot and Normandy salted butter.
Our restaurant exalt Leghorn traditional dishes like Cacciucco “with 5 C”, local sea ​​urchins and the famous Leghorn’s red mullet.